Business Case - 5 Case Model guidance and template.pdf

Business Case - 5 Case Model guidance and template.pdf

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SG's PPMCoE Business Case Toolkit - aligned with content of the Scottish Public Finance Manual and UK Treasury's Green Book sections on appraisal and evaluation.
Contains expected development through strategic outline case, outline business case and full business case as a useful guide to measure maturity of your justification document.
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Michelle Whiteman 1 Year Ago

I was wondering if anyone would have Programme Business Case templates?  I would like to see various examples of how you incorporate that breadth of detail into the 5 case model.  Small and large programmes.

Jordan Pullar 12 Months ago in reply to Michelle Whiteman .

Hello Michelle, the Welsh Government have created a comprehensive guide on how the Five Case Model translates across into programmes -


Hopefully this helps, if you need more information please just shout.  Thanks