Webinar Supporting mental health and wellbeing of people from BAME communities during and after COVID-19 - Video

Webinar Supporting mental health and wellbeing of people from BAME communities during and after COVID-19 - Video

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This webinar focused on effective mental health support for people with Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds during and after the coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak in communities in England.

A recent report commissioned by the commissioned by the Chief Medical Officer for England to understand the extent that ethnicity impacts upon risk and outcomes shows that there is an association between belonging to some ethnic groups and the likelihood of testing positive and dying with COVID-19.

This research suggests that both ethnicity and income inequality are independently associated with COVID-19 mortality. It also highlights how structural racism and poorer experiences of healthcare converge to result in both poorer health and loss of life. Furthermore, individuals in BAME groups are less likely to seek care when needed, and as staff from the health and social care sector, they are less likely to speak up when put at risk.

In terms of mental health, this greater risk burden is reflected in higher levels of anxiety in BAME populations during the COVID-19 pandemic. This overlays pre-existing ethnic disparities in mental health and shines a spotlight on the role of the wider determinants and discrimination itself as risk factors for mental ill-health throughout life.

This webinar provided insights into:
• Understanding structural racism and how everyone has a role to play in tackling it in society, institutions, practice and policy.
• Structural racism and mental health - responses to the report Beyond the data: Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on BAME groups.
• Work on systems interventions and commissioning to tackle wider determinants in mental health and inequalities in health service provision across the life course.
• Mental health promotion and service delivery challenges for BAME and marginalised communities; using culturally adapted and empowering approaches.
• Engaging with marginalised and BAME communities to rebuild trust.
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