16 Days 2020 -

16 Days 2020 -

Uploaded by Samantha Keogh, 22/10/20 12:40
Julie McCorrison 8 Months Ago

Hi Samantha, 


In the "Nine out of Ten" infographic, should it say perpetrator rather than perpetuator?

Samantha Keogh 8 Months ago in reply to Julie McCorrison .

Ah yes, thanks for spotting Julie I will get that fixed!

Mandy Sheridan 8 Months Ago

Is there a link to the infographics and tool kit for 16 days  that we could use in a media post.  We are thinking about asking people to do a challenge in support of the 16 days but also posting information / facts etc. on their media sites every day. 

Samantha Keogh 8 Months ago in reply to Mandy Sheridan .

Hi Mandy, the links in the 16 Days paper for the most recent Network meeting should work as I have made these resources public on the KHub. I'll share our Comms plan for 16 Days shortly too which will outline the order in which we'll be using the infographics on Twitter and others are welcome to follow this. 

Veronica Campanile 8 Months Ago

Can we have the 16 Days logo in jpeg format to insert into publications? Could you make that available publicly also?