Webinar Supporting Money, Debt and Mental Health during and after COVID-19 - Video

Webinar Supporting Money, Debt and Mental Health during and after COVID-19 - Video

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This webinar will focus on supporting the mental health and wellbeing of groups of people who are likely, or currently experiencing, debt and money problems as a result of the economic impact of the coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak in England.

A recent report ("Mind the mental health income gap") published by the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute highlighted people with common mental disorders such as anxiety or depression receive annual average incomes of £8,400 less than people without mental health problems.

This session will deliver practical advice and good practice on:

● Understanding how mental health problems and financial difficulties are linked
● How common symptoms of mental health problems can make engaging with services and debt advice a challenge
● The steps services can take to ensure they are accessible to people experiencing mental health problems
● The benefits of co-operation between local services in meeting the needs of vulnerable customers, including those with mental health problems

Who should attend?

Health and social care staff, frontline public-sector staff (housing, employment and benefits), staff in work and pensions’ services coordinating action with local authorities and other government departments, community leaders and groups, volunteers, and supervisors and managers.
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Sara Candler 8 Months Ago

The video is only the first 3 minutes of the webinar?