Welcome to London Borough of Newham

Welcome to London Borough of Newham

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Find out key dates and information.
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Silver Chida 16 Days Ago - Edited

Hi everyone, for the Drop-in Session on Wednesday 21st April - please kindly click on the link for Thursday 22nd Apr.

Roisin Conroy She/Her 15 Days Ago

Hi Silver! Unfortunately I was not able to attend the virtual drop in however I am really enthusiastic to find out more about Newham and their NGDP offer. Was the Drop-In session recorded and if so could I please request access to this? Thank you very much in advance, 

Best wishes, 


Silver Chida 11 Days ago in reply to Roisin Conroy She/Her .

Hi Roisin! Unfortunately the sessions were not recorded however I will be posting the power point presentation that was shared during the sessions.

Roisin Conroy She/Her 11 Days ago in reply to Silver Chida .

Hi Silver, 

That's great, thanks, will look through when they're posted!