Get Active Timetable 2021.pdf

Get Active Timetable 2021.pdf

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Here is what Movement for Memories will now be offering;

1. Buddy Golf
Our golf has returned to normal service, and we can now provide clubs and equipment for participants as well.

2. Online 1 to 1
We are aware that with the increase of COVID cases some participants may be reluctant to attend our venues, so we are continuing with our Zoom online 1 to 1 support, which is delivered by the Movement for Memories team to provide companionship and motivation to do the exercises at a time and day that suits you the best.

3. Online Classes
If you would prefer to take part in activities in a group environment, we are continuing to offer our online classes that range from Active Sit to Strength and Balance. Timetables can be found here. The costs for the classes are;
• Buy a £10 a month Online Classes membership now
• Pay as you go for £2.50 per class

4. Get Active Classes
Attached is our Get Active timetable. Due to restrictive numbers, we can’t provide that buddy support in the class, but we can provide support with regards to the online booking and a member of the Movement for Memories team can be there for your first class to ensure you are comfortable with the session.

5. Buddy Gym, Buddy Swimming,
With the indoor social distancing measures reduced from 2m to 1m, we can RESTART the buddy service within our venues and support you in the gym and swimming pool. Please note, due to restrictive numbers we can not provide support in the swimming pool but can provide support with lockers and around the venue.

If you do not require support, your Movement for Memories card will still give you access to our venues. Please be aware if you are planning to use our venues you would need to book online via the Edinburgh Leisure Website or app. As always though, the Movement for Memories team is here to support where we can and are happy to make the booking, if you find it difficult to use online bookings. If you are a carer and would like to take the person you care for to one of our venues you will need to book yourself and the person you care for via the website and app, we can offer support with online booking if you wish. If you are looking to access the venues by yourself, we can also offer that support with the online booking.

6. NEW Home Visit Walks
I am delighted to introduce our new service - Home Visit Walks. This is one to one supported walking on a safe route that would start from your house and end at your house. This service is delivered by volunteers trained in Walk Leading and will support and provide companionship for you to enjoy some physical activity. I have attached our Home Visit Walks FAQ. Please note that outdoor physical distancing requirement have been removed.

7. Walking Groups
If you would prefer to walk in a group, our Ageing Well team deliver grouped walking as well as cycling classes. Here is their current timetable. If you would like to attend but would like a buddy to support you please follow details below to refer you.

How do I access or refer someone new?
If you are looking to self-refer yourself or refer someone you care for then please contact a member of our Active Communities team on 0131 458 2260 or

If you are planning to refer a patient, please find our NEW Movement for Memories Editable referral form, once completed, please send to or if you have an NHS account, please note our is STILL NOT VALID we are waiting for confirmation from the NHS about our new email account. We have a temporary account you can send referrals to -

If you were part of the Movement for Memories project and would like to restart or you would like more information, please contact the Active Communities team on 0131 458 2260 or

Healthy regards
Sam Scott
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