Blog post - Investing in online collaboration

Investing in online collaboration

How do you convince your managers to invest in online collaboration software?

You know that there is a need for an online collaboration solution to help you in your work and you also know that simply buying a new piece of software won’t solve the problem in itself. There’s a need for something more.

But convincing your manager is another story. We have put some ideas together to help you plan your approach.

You can help them understand the value and benefits of online collaboration, and the effort needed to make it a success. Here are some tips to help you with that conversation.

Benefits of online collaboration

  1. Helps save time by connecting you to the right people and content quickly.
  2. Helps to keep you up to date with the most current thinking and innovation.
  3. Shares good practice across the organisation and avoids duplication of work.

  4. Reduces your carbon footprint through less travel to meetings.

  5. Supports rapid induction to new roles and staff development.

  6. Reduces overall cost with one solution for everyone, rather than teams buying their own software.


85% of members felt that use of Knowledge Hub’s online collaboration software benefited their work overall.

65% of members said it helped them develop new skills.

78% of members said that it had helped them learn new things.


Step by step guide for convincing your managers to invest in online collaboration software

Explain the problem

  • Explain the current situation and identify pain points within the organisation.
  • Outline the problems and challenges, and then provide data to backup your claims.

Explain the benefits

  • Explain how the organisation will benefit from an online collaboration solution.
  • Use some of the benefits provided above to help you.

Demo the system

  • Invite your managers to view a demo of the software you’re considering.
  • Keep it short and simple and show how identified issues can be addressed.

Show the numbers

  • Provide clear, concise cost information and a step by step timeline that details the implementation plan, including any staffing and training needed.


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