Welcome to the Scottish Public Services Network

This network is brought to you by the Improvement Service. 

The network aims to bring together all Scottish groups into a single collaborative arena, allowing you to filter and discover relevant content more easily and connect with your peers across Scotland. In short, by joining this network, you will be able to join Scottish groups, connect with users in Scottish public services and filter and search for content relating to the work of public services within Scotland. If this is an important focus for you then we would encourage you to make the Scottish Public Services Network your home network. You can do this very simply by clicking on the 'Set as home network' button on the top right-hand of the banner.


participate in the Scottish KHub User GroupAs well as making valuable contributions within the groups you may join, we feel that you have a voice in helping decide how the Knowledge Hub develops in the future. To help facilitate this, the Improvement Service has set up a group, 'The Scottish Knowledge Hub User Group', which we would encourage you to join. Here, you will find a one-stop-shop offering opportunities to have your say, keep up to date with forthcoming enhancements and features, find answers to issues and access a bank of training and support materials. It really is your opportunity to be involved in helping shape the future development of the Knowledge Hub.


sign up for the e-bulletinTo keep you in the loop, we will be bringing together lots of information into a regular e-bulletin and we would encourage you to sign up. The bulletin will cover news stories, details on new enhancements, new groups created, innovative ways groups are being used, events, webinars and training and anything else we think will be of interest to users of our network. If you think this would be useful then you can sign up here.



Featured groups

Scottish Public Service Improvement Framework (PSIF)
258 members Scottish Public Services network

This group is for those delivering improvement within Scottish Councils and other public sector and voluntary sector organisations via the Public Service Improvement Framework, to share hints, tips and best practice. This group is limited to those who are involved in implementing, or about to implement the PSIF.

Workforce Scotland
309 members Scottish Public Services network

Working together to improve Scottish Public Services.


Follow us on twitter @workforce_scot

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View videos of our work here

Visit our new website www.WorkforceScotland.com

Change Managers Network (Scotland)
482 members Scottish Public Services network

The Change Managers Network (CMN) was formed in January 2015 to give local authorities in Scotland a network to coordinate the sharing of good practice and facilitate discussion on change.

Colleagues involved in the delivery of public services outwith Scotland are welcome to join.