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With nearly a decade building digital public services collaboration across the UK and over 100,000 members, the Knowledge Hub now invites global participation.

While most members come from the public sector, everyone dedicated to improving and innovating with public services is welcome to join from all countries.

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With millions of knowledge connections across the Knowledge Hub, in addition to groups, without logging in you may view and search our library of publicly shared documents, explore public blog posts, and view public service oriented events.

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  • Requesting membership - Most KHub groups are high trust “apply to join” restricted groups geared toward public service professionals in various fields but from different kinds of entities. Sharing your background or interest will help group facilitators with your join request.
  • Fill out profile - When you register with KHub, based on your skills and interests, additional online groups are recommended. Filling out your profile will improve your KHub experience and build trust with others.
  • Useful notifications - To be more engaged, set your email notifications to immediate or daily and only switch to weekly if the volume is too high.
  • More help - Additional Help is available.

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Your big idea and connections combined with joint outreach and the Knowledge Hub’s platform and participant base presents a great opportunity for successful knowledge exchange. The technology is the easy part - accessing our world leading support and training for new online group facilitators involving public services is the secret key to success.

Please review our create a group section. The Knowledge Hub is a world leader in fostering effective online groups about public services that actually work.

Brainstorm new global interest group proposals in KHub Global or contact Steven Clift, our global engagement lead, with your global group ideas.