Accessing the Socitm Network

Socitm has a ‘network’ of groups on Knowledge Hub. To become a member of the network, you simply need to be a member of one of the Socitm Network groups. 

The Network includes:

  • a landing page ( which introduces the Socitm Network. This includes links to the Socitm website and lists the most popular and featured groups from the Network. 
  • Network sub-pages which provide quick links to our regional groups and help to use the network. 
  • a set of collaboration groups on topics of interest and for the regions.

You can access the network and its groups via the landing page. As a member, you can also access the network from your normal Knowledge Hub home page. Just use the drop down arrow at the top left next to the Knowledge Hub logo and select Socitm. This will activate the network and filter all of Knowledge Hub's content so that you only see the Socitm network content. This means the top navigation (groups, people, library, blogs, events) and the items within your own home page (reached by clicking the logo, top left) relate only to the Network groups and members rather than the whole of Knowledge Hub. You'll also see a link to the Socitm landing page from there - 'about Socitm'.

You can also access the Socitm network via the Socitm website.

Accessing help

You can access the help information from the 'help' link - just click your name, top right, and you'll see a link.

Socitm has provided two help pages from the Network landing page to give you an understanding of the customer journeys that we expect people to experience and a short user guide on how to use a group.

Making the Socitm Network your ‘home’ network

There are several ‘Networks’ on the Knowledge Hub and members can choose which is their ‘home’ network. This will mean that on logging in you will already see your chosen network activated and only see groups, content and connections from within that network.

To make Socitm your home network, activate the network as described above. Simply click on the button to the top right of your home page - ‘Set as home network’. This will then change to say ‘Remove as home network’.

Joining Knowledge Hub

You need to be registered with Knowledge Hub to join one of the Socitm Network Groups.

You can register to join Knowledge Hub here:

NOTE: Your password must be a minimum of eight characters.

Complete the CAPTCHA word verification. Submit your details and an email will be sent to you confirming your registration and including a verification code to activate your account. Select the link in the email and use the activation code to verify your account.

NOTE: If you have not received your activation email within 30 minutes, check your spam folder, or contact your IT Department to find out if emails from are blocked.

Socitm’s current list of Groups

The following groups have been set up initially while Socitm completes the integration with its websites and facilitators are given time to get up to speed. It is hoped that there will be a focus on activity and content for these groups before committing to any further groups. However if a clear purpose for a group emerges then it will be set up. It is recognised that facilitation is critical to success but that this takes a commitment of time and effort and so this will be key to any decision for setting up a group.

  • Socitm Members group, including 12 regional forums – available to all Socitm members
  • Socitm Insight group – subscribers will have access to this group without needing an invitation
  • Socitm PSN Solutions group – this group is open for anyone to join 
  • Socitm Supplier Partnership group – available to all SPP members
  • Socitm Open group – This group is open for anyone interested in Socitm 

Applying to join a Socitm Knowledge Hub Network Group

Socitm members will be able to join Knowledge Hub groups from the Socitm website.

Alternatively you can see a list of all Socitm groups from the landing page and choosing ‘Groups’, then 'All groups' from the top menu or clicking here.

Going to a group you'd like to join will offer you one of two options:

1. "Apply to join" indicates that it is a restricted group and facilitators of the group will have to approve your application. Enter your reason for joining the group in the text box and select apply to join. A message will appear to indicate that the notification has been sent to the group facilitators. You will be notified by email if your application to join has been successful.

2. "Join" indicates that it is an open group. You can view all the content within the group without joining and can participate in the group by selecting the join button to the right of group description.

Accepting an invitation

Knowledge Hub will send an invite from It will include a link to your notifications within Knowledge Hub where you'll be able to accept the invitation.

You can find all your notifications and request by clicking the bell icon at the top right.

It is recommended that you are already registered and logged in to Knowledge Hub before clicking the first link to ‘accept your invitation’. This is the simplest way to join a group.

If you have any issues/queries please contact

Joining Socitm as a member

Currently it is possible to join Socitm by completing one of the following forms:

You will then be invited to join the Socitm Member Knowledge Hub group.