The following provides a basic guide to the first three menu items from the top Network navigation bar (Home, Groups, People) once you have the Network activated. For more information on activating the Socitm Network, see ‘accessing the network’.

Further help can be found here




Clicking this option always takes you to your own home page. Your home page is where you drive from – it’s all related to you, your groups, your content and your connections. The first item you always see on returning to your home page is your activity stream. There are also a number of other menu options as follows:




Lists all the activity within the network and groups that you are a member of. There are three ‘tick-box’ filters – my conversations, my connections, my groups. One click ticks the box and another removes it. My conversations shows all your groups’ announcements. My connections shows all activity of those you are connected with. My groups shows all activity in your groups.


My content


This is a list of all the content that you have added into Knowledge Hub within this Network. You can find certain pieces of content easily using the search filters on the right hand side.


My messages


This lists all your messages from other members, your groups and networks. The number of new messages is shown in the grey circle to the right of ‘Messages’. Click on a message to read the full text. You can reply to individual messages to the right hand side of the message. You can also delete messages and block particular individual members.


My favourites


There are opportunities to add items to your favourites all around the Network. If you see something you like and want to come back to it later, click the ‘add to favourites’ button. It will be stored in ‘My favourites’ for next time.

My favourites shows all your favourites across the network broken down by blog post, document, event, forum category, forum post, group, idea, user, or wiki page.


My notifications


This is where you can manage all your email notifications. These emails update you about new posts and content in your Network groups. You can choose to receive your notifications immediately, daily, weekly or never. These choices may vary according to the posting type.

Further help is available here




The Groups page shows all your Network groups, the newest Network groups and the most active Network groups. The A-Z list shows all the Network groups.

Click on one of your groups to visit it and participate in the group activity. Here’s what you’ll find in the group:


Group activity


The group activity page lets you see quickly and easily when the group was started, the number of members, the group’s purpose and who the facilitators are. It also lets you access the most recent activity directly.

On the right you will also be able to see a group poll (if one has been added), otherwise the ‘What’s happening’ micro blog appears, plus a selection of other group members.




The forum is where all the discussion happens. You can post a new thread (conversation) generally, or you can post it under a particular category. You can also browse other threads and reply to them.




Documents can be added into a folder as a single document or multiple documents. PDF documents can be previewed without downloading. It is currently not possible to download multiple documents at one time.

Basic version control is available where documents can be checked out for edits to be made and then checked back in as a new version. The new version is automatically created and the old versions are still available for viewing.




Blogs will be pulled into the group by the facilitators as appropriate. You can comment on and like them.




Wikis are web pages which anyone can edit. This means that any visitor to the wiki can change, update and add to its content if they desire. Wikis are good for using other people's knowledge and experience to help develop an idea or a piece of work.




Promote details of an event here. An integration with Eventbrite will be available in the future.




Members post their ideas and others can vote on their agreement with the idea. Additionally comments can be provided to elaborate thoughts on the matter at hand. The most popular ideas filter to the top of the list.




This is a list of group members in alphabetical order by surname. To view more members of the group scroll to the bottom of the page. It will expand the list of members for you to view. You can also use the ‘A-Z index’ at the top of the page to view members by surname.

You can also use the ‘search within members’ option. The search will look for all the details that are available to you within members’ profiles.

Further help on group features is available here




This is a list of all Socitm network members. You may view the profile of each person (quick view is also available) and click to connect with them or follow their activity. You’ll also see suggested connections on the right hand side based on your existing connections.

Viewing another member’s profile allows you to send them a direct message.

Connecting is mutual – it requires the person being ‘connected to’ to agree. Once connected, all activity of your new connection will appear in the activity tab under ‘my connections’. When your new connection is online then they will be visible in ‘online connections’ located on the bar at the bottom right hand corner of the browser, which enables instant messaging.

Following another member means all their activity is available in the ‘my connections’ activity tab.

If you have any problems accessing or using Knowledge Hub, please contact the Knowledge Hub Team and they would be happy to help.