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News for SSAT member schools

Educational Outcomes

SSAT is delighted to announce that the KS5 Educational Outcomes database 2016 is available in the Exchange, along with revised KS2 and KS4 versions too!  You can download all the resources here

Spring Journal 2017

SSAT's Spring Journal 2017 is available in the Exchange Library; if you're not from a member school, there's a very tasty excerpt here!

If you're a teacher in a member school, you can also use your SSAT account to access resources
inside the Exchange, where you'll find much of interest and relevance to read and reference!

Refocusing Assessment

Refocusing Assessment is a new and welcome publication from SSAT, ASCL and NfER aiming to provide the structure to support conversations about assessment in and between school departments http://bit.ly/2ms04g3  This page also offers an EFA poster and a range of subject-specific resources!

Do look at our featured and popular groups below which have been set up to support programmes of professional development and thereby an opportunity for participants to share ideas, resources and their learning journey.  If you've already registered for the SSAT's National Conference, then you will be able to access the National Conference Group and meet other delegates virtually before you arrive!


Featured groups

SSAT Leadership Legacy Programme
135 members SSAT network

This ground-breaking new programme from SSAT is designed to support nominated teachers who, in their first four years of teaching, have shown outstanding leadership potential.  During the programme, our next generation leaders will be developing their skills through regular attendance of a range of SSAT’s events and school visits .. and by taking advantage of shadowing and networking opportunities. 

Executive Headteachers 2016-18
37 members SSAT network

This groups supports the SSAT's Executive Headteacher programme which for more than 10 years, has been equipping school leaders for the challenges and opportunities of a role which is fundamentally different from that of a headteacher.

Please note that this group is restricted to participants of the Executive Headteacher programme;
the url for this group is ssat.khub.net/group/exec-heads-2016-18

Leaders for the Future
83 members SSAT network

Leaders for the future (L4F) are teachers identified as having early leadership potential.  SSAT's programme focuses on the development and refinement of their leadership skills so that these teachers can start to increase their impact beyond their own classrooms .. by influencing others and working on wider projects.

Please note:  this group is open only to teachers on the SSAT's L4F programme - http://bit.ly/ssatl4f

Leading a Successful Teaching School 2016-17
28 members SSAT network

As most leaders of teaching schools are from teaching backgrounds, this programme aims to develop and hone important skills which are key to the effective day to day operation of a teaching school - project management, finance, marketing and recruitment to name but a few.

Please note: this is a closed space for participants of the Leading A Successful Teaching School programme; the url for the group is ssat.khub.net/group/leading-successful-teaching-sch-2016-17

National Award for Middle Leaders Cx
146 members SSAT network

Evidence-based research has found that effective leadership is key to developing a world-class education system.  SSAT has been developing leadership programmes for many years and that experience has given rise to the new and exciting NAML programme, designed to be delivered by teachers for teachers in all types of schools.

This group is a closed, private space for NAML Tutors to share information and practice related to the NAML delivery.
The url for this group is ssat.khub.net/group/naml-ssat-c3/

Next Generation Headteachers 2016-17
38 members SSAT network

This group supports the SSAT's Next Generation Headteachers programme which over the years as Aspiring Headteachers, has launched hundreds of careers at the top of the teaching profession.

Please note:  this group is restricted to participants of the Next Generation Headteachers programme.
The url for the group is ssat.khub.net/group/next-gen-heads-2016-17