How do I join the Transport for the North (TFN) network on Knowledge Hub?

If you're already a member of Knowledge Hub, you simply need to join one of TFN's network groups to become a member of the network.

If you're not already registered on Knowledge Hub, you can sign up here.

How do I search for and join a TFN network group?

Once you're logged in, go to groups on the top menu bar to search all groups. Go to the group you're interested in joining and you'll either be able to join straight away, or you may need to click 'request to join' and wait for a group administrator to accept your request.

How do I set the TFN network as my default home network when I log in?

As soon as you're a member of a TFN network group, you will see a network selector appear from a drop-down menu at the top left of the page (next to the Knowledge Hub logo). Select Transport for the North Knowledge Network and you'll only see TFN network content and groups. You'll also see a 'set as home network' button appear. Select this if you only want to see TFN network content every time you log in.

You can always go back to Knowledge Hub or investigate other networks you're a member of at any time, by using the network selector (top left) to choose a different network.

I've received an invitation to a TFN group, how do I accept the invitation?

Log in to your account as normal and you'll see that the bell icon (top right hand corner of the screen) will be highlighted with a number. This means you have notifications and invitations. Go to the bell and select 'requests list' to view and accept your group invitations.

Once you've accepted your invitation, you'll see the group listed in your groups list on your homepage, so you can visit it easily.

How do I set my email notifications so I don't miss anything?

To make sure you've set your notifications exactly as you want them, go to your settings (via your name, top right of the screen). You'll see a range of immediate notifications, which you can set to your preference. You'll also be able to set the frequency of alerts from your groups - simply select 'group notifications' from the drop down menu on the left of the page.

How do I set up my own group within the TFN network?

Complete our group creation form making sure you indicate that your group should be part of the TFN Knowledge Network and we'll do the rest.

Need help with something else? Check the Knowledge Hub help section.

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