DISPLAYING 1 NOVEMBER 2023 CHANGES - Model constitution for a CIO whose only voting members are its charity trustees ('Foundation' model)

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Last updated: 02 Nov 2023

As explained in our guidance Charity Commission Regulations: Charitable Incorporated Organisations (Constitutions 2023) - GOV.UK (publishing.service.gov.uk), we have updated the model CIO constitutions on GOV.UK (Setting up a charity: model governing documents) to reflect changes being introduced by the Charities Act 2022 and other related changes. From 1 November 2023, new CIOs applying to register with the Commission are expected to use the new template CIO constitutions. If you have already prepared a CIO constitution using a previous model or template, check if there are changes you need to make to the constitution to include the updated clauses before you submit your registration application. 

This only applies if you have not submitted your application yet. If you submitted an application to register before 1 November 2023 or your CIO is already registered with the Commission, you do not need to take any action. However, if you make changes to your CIO’s constitution in the future, you may wish to consider making some or all of these changes at the same time.