Today, there’s a tremendous and often–overlooked opportunity for businesses and local authorities to embed deep and lasting cost savings in the heart of their organisations.   

Join forces with Critiqom, and you’ll achieve a permanent reduction in your costs by transforming the way you create, manage and deliver day definite critical communications.  

How do we achieve this for you? First, our unique Primepost service immediately drives down your mailing costs by up to 35%: that’s hundreds of pounds in savings for every thousand items mailed. Next, our day–definite delivery transforms the way you plan and allocate internal resources: purging waste and driving out costly inefficiencies. 

Crucially, these powerful gains come hand in hand with reduced risk. By sharing best practices between our large public sector and commercial client bases, we put you permanently in control over how, where and when your critical communications are delivered. And by the same process, we revolutionise the quality of outcomes they achieve. So your potential exposure to compliance breaches shrinks in parallel with your costs.  

Partner with Critiqom, and you’ll enjoy an end-to-end data, print, post and multichannel solution that stands apart from competitors’ offers for its unbeatable blend of expertise and value for money. So whether you manage critical communications in house or via another supplier, and especially if you don’t feel your current provider offers you adequate transparency, talk to Critiqom. Because when the price, performance and timing of your communications are all mission critical, we’ve got it sorted.