Help and support enquiries 

Our support helpdesk is managed Monday to Friday from 08.30 to 17.30 (UTC).

  • Forgotton your password?  Please use this link to have a password reset email sent.
  • Do you have a query regarding content with a group? Please contact the facilitators of the group first by selecting the names of the faciltators on the Group Activity Page.

For all other help and support enquiries on the Knowledge Hub please contact us on



Check out our Help and Support pages which will guide you through how to use the Knowledge Hub.

You'll also find our Troubleshooting page detailing some of the most common issues that members experience and how to deal with them. 

We are currently working through a list of issues that have been identified:

  • Video previews are not rendering in the Library
  • Document conversion in the Library is not working
  • Word and Excel Previews are not rendering in the Library
  • Duplicate notifications on document comments for members with immediate alerts
  • Some members' profile pages contain a 'welcome' tab.
  • Return key when using IOS 9 take you to the start of the sentence.  (Awaiting update from CK Editor)
  • Pressing 'return' when using the text editor in MS Edge makes the cursor jump to the start of the text.
  • When a member's domain matches the auto-accept settings, a membership request is sent to facilitators when they have been invited to join a group by another member. 
  • External Promotion of Knowledge Hub only Blogs will return an error page once logged in.

If you notice anything additional please let us know.