Welcome to the Knowledge Hub Help Centre. This is a collection of  knowledge and know-how compiled by KHub Team staff and members of our wider Knowledge Hub community on how to use the Knowledge Hub.

Knowledge Hub - Démarrage - version française

Find out more about the Knowledge Hub
Find out how to register, sign in and get started on the Knowledge Hub.
How to update your profile to help you start connecting and participating in the Knowledge Hub.
Understand what's on your home page - access to all your stuff in one place.
Find out how to use all the useful tools available to you in groups.
As a group facilitator, find out how to use all the tools available to you to manage your group.
View a range of useful documents
Interested in creating a group. You can do it here
How to use the network function on the Knowledge Hub
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View the Knowledge Hub Walkthrough Presentation

Watch the Knowledge Hub Upgrade Webinar

Find out more about Knowledge Hub Groups


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