Creating a collaboration group on the Knowledge Hub enables you and your members to work together, saving you time and money; driving efficiency and transparency; enhancing skills and expertise; and encouraging a culture of openness, creativity and innovation.

There are three types of group on the Knowledge Hub:

Open Group

  • All registered members of the Knowledge Hub may join the group.

  • The group details and its contents are searchable and viewable by all members of the Knowledge Hub.

Restricted Groups

  • Only members approved by the group administrators may join.

  • The group details are searchable and viewable by all members of the Knowledge Hub, but they must request to join (or be invited by a group administrator) in order to see content and participate.

Private groups

  • Only those invited by the group administrators may join.

  • The group and its contents are not visible or findable on the Knowledge Hub - they are completely hidden.

All Knowledge Hub groups include a range of tools that can help you collaborate with colleagues:

  • Group Home - see an activity stream showing all the most recent contributions to the group helping you get to information quickly.
  • Forum - ask questions, have conversations, discuss solutions to problems.
  • Library - upload, share and comment on documents and other files.
  • Wiki - use editable pages to collaborate together on documents, FAQs, signposting lists and much more.
  • Ideas - generate ideas and ‘like' your favourites to see which are the most popular.
  • Members - view all members of the group and their profiles.
  • Events - promote forthcoming events and view them in a calendar.
  • Polls - take part in multiple choice poll questions – fun, enlightening and great conversation starters.
  • Settings - group facilitators can access a range of support tools to help them manage the group e.g. invitations, group messages and announcements.

If you're interested in creating your own digital collaboration group, you can request a new group here (you need to be signed in to access this).