Go ON Digital Inclusion Partnership Autumn Meeting


Go ON Digital Inclusion Partnership Autumn Meeting


Starting 30 September 2021 10:00 through to 30 September 2021 13:00

Go ON is an initiative that brings together local government, charities, banks, trade unions, among other sectors, to share their experiences of promoting digital inclusion and identify ways of resolving digital exclusion.

What's on the agenda?

Insights and perspectives on the latest digital inclusion initiatives from invited speakers and partner updates

Speaker One: Simon Joos, Joanne Hatton, Paul Fulton, Sue Scott & Sarah Thornton - Bury Council

Bury Works: Digital for All and Bury Adult Learning Service

Bury Council will provide key learning from its Digital for All programme. The project was set-up to tackle digital exclusion, including low skills, providing access to digital equipment and connectivity, digital solutions to daily tasks, bespoke 1-1 and group support, empowering communities to deliver programmes themselves and more.

Bury Adult Learning Service will also share its approach to engaging residents from diverse communities, pre and during the COVID pandemic, with cross reflections against the digital agenda. This includes residents who are digitally excluded, from ethnic minorities and those with low to medium mental health support needs.


Speaker Two: Sarah Mackey, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

East Riding of Yorkshire Council - equipping staff with digital skills

To become a more digital organisation we need to ensure staff are provided with the digital skills and tools they need to help them to help customers and do their job more effectively as well as benefitting them in their personal lives.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council will share a recent project which considered how having digital skills could benefit teams who wouldn’t typically be required to have these skills. After identifying a suitable pilot service area, the project team built a rationale for why the service would benefit from being more digitally skilled, including the benefits to the individual staff member, their service and also their customers.

More about the meeting

This round table event brings together anything from 15 to 35 colleagues, from an array of public and private organisations. Attendees get the chance to talk about the latest achievements or challenges they have had within the scope of digital inclusion/exclusion.

The event is facilitated by iNetwork. The participatory format allows focused discussions to take place and offers a variety of speakers the chance to showcase any relevant work or ideas to the group.. Presentations and highlights from the meeting are posted on Knowledge Hub, which enables further exposure throughout iNetwork’s membership. Links to these resources are also included in the official iNetwork monthly newsletter for the Partnership’s wider readership

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