Returning to the Workplace: Employee Wellbeing


Returning to the Workplace: Employee Wellbeing


Starting 14 July 2021 09:30 through to 14 July 2021 13:00

The meeting starts at 10am (arrivals from 9:30am) and will end at 1pm

As restrictions are starting to ease many of us will be swapping our home offices, kitchen tables, trackies and slippers and returning to workplaces over the coming months.

If you have been working from home, or managing staff who will going back to the workplace it can feel like a big change and for many a daunting challenge, it may well be very different from what you previously experienced. In this session we will be sharing some practices that may help you with our coming transitions.

Our staff are the heart of our organisations and we need to ensure we help manage wellbeing during this shift.

Our guest speakers will share changes to the workplace and explore the benefits of human-centred processes. We will do this using a variety of methods from, presentations, discussions and breakout sessions.

What's on the agenda?

Insights and perspectives on the latest return to work and wellbeing initiatives from the following host of Speakers:

Speaker One: WOW, Ways of WorkingSarah Bullock and Emma Morris, St Helens Council

The St Helens Borough Council WoW (Ways of Working) programme is an innovative change programme that encompasses cultural transformation, policy and strategy modernisation, digital innovations and a modern accommodation programme. Most importantly, the programme has a key focus on staff health and wellbeing and ensuring that people feel part of a modern, efficient and effective council.

Speaker Two: Health & Wellbeing/Return to Work: Lesley Parkinson and Gail Porter, Restorative Thinking

In the current climate, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed/is changing when and how we work. Many of us are responding to changing work patterns and how we feel about them. Work styles have temporarily or permanently changed for many people and we now see:

  • an increase in home working, including home working burnout and homeworking relief
  • some people experiencing feelings of isolation and others enjoying solitary working
  • some people returning to a workplace with their working relationships in need of being re-defined/re-developed
  • a move from more flexible hours to more regular hours, and vice versa
  • the possibility of further local physical distancing restrictions
  • goggle eyes from virtual meetings, meetings, meetings

This session explores how restorative and relational practice can support us all through the ‘new different’. We’ll explore the benefits of human-centred processes and we’ll explain how Restorative Thinking has adapted our training offer over the past year.

We’ll also ask you to join us in a breakout session so that we can explore at least one restorative/relational theme together.

More about the meeting

The event is facilitated by iNetwork. The participatory format allows focused discussions to take place and offers a variety of speakers the chance to showcase any relevant work or ideas to the group.. Presentations and highlights from the meeting are posted on Knowledge Hub, which enables further exposure throughout iNetwork’s membership. Links to these resources are also included in the official iNetwork monthly newsletter for the Partnership’s wider readership

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