About the Learning Exchange

The Learning Exchange is the central landing space for Local Government colleagues who would like to engage in discussion with others, share materials, and view resources including best practice from other Local Authorities. Place based partners are also welcome to the platform as it is recognised the importance of working collaboratively and the benefit of all having one place for information. 

There are currently two areas, one for all those with a sign in, and one specifically for Local Authorities. The Local Authority only area provides a closed environment for open discussion e.g. early reflections from a pilot, asks for examples from other councils, arranging meetings with others working on similar workstreams. LGA colleagues will monitor this platform to ensure that support is offered where required. 

The LGA COVID-19 Learning Exchange is also linked in with platforms set up by key partners. This platform will not duplicate that work, but instead bring it into one place. Information about the other online areas and why you may visit that space is as follows:


DHSC COVID-19 testing toolkit Kahootz (DH eXchange):

COVID-19 testing toolkit workspace is a document repository service for Local Authorities and Directors of Public Health and Regional Teams to access the latest on asymptomatic testing. The workspace stores documents related to targeted community testing, private, and public sector workplace testing. This includes COVID-19 related guidance, promotion materials and information.

The DHSC COVID-19 testing toolkit can be found here: https://dhexchange.kahootz.com/LFTToolkit/grouphome


The Vaccines Equalities Hub - Future NHS Collaboration Platform:

For people who are passionate about increasing the uptake of  the vaccine in all of our communities. Aimed at those working in or on Health and Social Care

Use the Hub to:

  • Collaborate and design solutions together 
  • Connect to share practice, blueprints, tools, information, data and ask questions  
  • Co-create our guidance and webinars to enable success to drive local solutions 
  • Communicate – access inclusive, engaging, co-ordinated messaging through trusted voices, partnership and networks

The Vaccines Equalities Hub can be found via the following link: https://future.nhs.uk/connect.ti/NationalCOVID19VaccineEquality.


The MHCLG Community Champions Online Workspace

The Community Champions Online Workspace provides a place for those involved in community champions programmes (especially those focusing on COVID-19) to share, collaborate and seek information/support. It includes discussion forums and a repository of useful information and resources, as well as links to official government guidance and resource centres. All recordings and associated materials from the accompanying series of webinars are also available on the workspace, as are links to case studies and examples of practice.


Those wishing to join will first need to be a member of the NHS Futures Platform (membership is free) and can then ask to join the workspace, which can be found at https://future.nhs.uk/connect.ti/CommunityChampions.