Transforming Care - Empowerment films – what empowerment means to me

Transforming Care is all about improving the lives of people with learning disability and/or autism who display behaviours that are described as challenging. We know that when people are empowered to live the way they choose and are involved in planning their support and care they have better lives. The Local Government Association leads the empowerment workstream for the Transforming Care Programme.


Empowerment films

To support the workstream the LGA has set up the national empowerment steering group for the Transforming Care Programme to oversee the work. Members of the empowerment steering group are all experts by experience. They all have experience of long stays in hospital, or have family members with experience. They have worked together to make some films about what empowerment means to them.

There are also longer films for each of the individuals who are featured in the film available. Watch the films here.