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  • CIL, s106, viability and growth

    This forum is specifically for discussing all aspects of the new Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and planning obligations (s106 agreements).
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  • Coronavirus and innovation

    Suddenly we have to start doing things in new ways. Q&A for Spring 2020 onwards.
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  • Enforcement and appeals

    This forum exists for enforcement officers to ask questions and share ideas about how they can deliver an excellent enforcement service.
    0 Categories 225 Threads
  • General discussions

    Not sure of what forum to use?
    0 Categories 209 Threads
  • Monitoring and Housing Delivery Test

    In 2019 the Housing Delivery Test was launched and with it over 100 councils suddenly needed to produce an Action Plan. This forum is for you.
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  • Neighbourhood Planning

    Other websites / foums exist to help neighbourhoods themselves. This is for councils supporting neighbourhood planning.
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  • Performance and designation

    This is a new forum for the discussion of performance issues. Discussions about designation, NI157 and hints & tips for staying off the naughty step are all welcome.
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  • Plan making

    Discuss the challenges you've faced and the successes you've had in plan making and creating your local development framework.
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  • Planning applications

    This forum replaces the 'general discussions' forum on our old site. It is provided for general discussion on all matters relating to service improvement. Feel free to ask questions and share your ideas.
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  • Planning for the environment

    Biodiversity, Local Nature Recovery Strategies, nutrient neutrality, climate change and other stuff from the Environment Act and elsewhere
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  • Planning Statistics

    Notes from the CLIP planning group along with Q&A from people wondering how to code things or complete statistical returns.
    0 Categories 25 Threads
  • Strategic Planning

    Joint plans, spatial development strategies, and other approaches designed to allow planning at larger than local. Definitely NOT regional planning.
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  • Use Classes in 2020

    A discussion group for the changes arising from the new class 'E'
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