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CIL - Self build part two - unable to provide evidence

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CIL - Self build part two - unable to provide evidence

Having looked through some of the previous posts, I am wondering how other authorities are now dealing with a self build part 2 scenario where the applicant is unable to supply all the required evidence.  

We have a number of self builders who are unable to supply one of the following: 

- (a) An approved claim from HM Revenue and Customs under VAT431NB: VAT refunds for DIY housebuilders

Out of time to claim 

-  (b) Proof of a specialist Self Build or Custom Build Warranty* for your development

Not having a self build or custom build warranty 

- (c) Proof of an approved Self Build or Custom Buil Mortgage# from a bank or building society for your development

Self funded so no need for mortgage

Are authorities accepting some other form of evidence for this section (if so what) or is the general approach to advise that if none of these three documents are supplied within the 6 months from completion certificate that a disqualifying event has occurred and remove the exemption? 

Greatly appreciate any advise and thank you in advance.