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Self Build Registers - what information can/should be requested?

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Self Build Registers - what information can/should be requested?

A number of Councils now have a self build register (and obviously all of us will do by 1 April ...!)

I'm trying to clarify what information is:

(a) definitely required to be provided by those seeking inclusion on a register.

(b) sensible for Councils to ask for in addition to the minimum requirements.


As far as I can see from the Regulations, the amount of information people *have* to provide is fairly minimal (basically contact details, dates of birth, nationality and a statement that they are seeking plot(s)).  But some Councils have published very elaborate application forms, seeking lots of information about people's family and financial circumstances, where and what they want to build. 

I can understand why this additional information is being sought but I wonder whether there is any consensus on what amounts to a proportionate request for information (and indeed whether some of the quite personal data being requested could raise data protection act issues).

James Campbell, modified 8 Years ago.

RE: Self Build Registers - what information can/should be requested?

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I was thinking of asking the same questions.

Having looked at these questions in some detail I think a) is easiest to answer with reference to the regulations (it doesn't help that the link in the draft NPPG seems to be broken) -

Section 5 is the critical bit as we are required to collect date of birth, nationality and that they are seeking a plot for their main or sole residence.  This goes a bit further than the draft NPPG text which say people have to be over 18 and a British, EEC or Swiss national.

That is all relatively straight forward but oneconcern I have is the bit that it says the applications have to be recieved in writing (and also that we have to respond in writing).  I'm assuming it's fine to do this electronically but there doesn't seem to be anything in the regs or the act to say so.

As to what would make sense to collect I've looked at a number of the vanguard authorities - Cherwell, Shropshire, Teignbridge, West Lindsay, Exmoor, Dartmoor, Sheffield, Stoke on Trent, South Norfolk, Pendle and South Cambridgeshire.  They all seem to be collecting similar information.  I suggest reviewing a few and going from there.