Strategic Planning Committee at East Devon

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Strategic Planning Committee at East Devon

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Thanks for starting this forum. We have some serious strategic masterplans at our Committee and the pull between Developer microplans, resident views, employer wishes and Officer silos is very evident. We started the Committee 2 years ago with the result that Planning decisions at our Development Management Committee became focused on individual site decisions

In contrast Strategic Management Committee decided on major plans such as the Masterplans for Axminster town or the major extension to our new town of Cranbrook. We looked at any policy changes including Supplementary Planning Documents on village development. We changed the CIL rates. We commissioned major studies on Employment Land and life-stage housing requirements. We reinforced policies on affordable and accessible homes.

so with both Committees working hard and an overlap of Councillors on both Committees, it seems Strategy can work very effectively in harmony with Planning delivery.


Other Council's like to take strategic decisions at Cabinet level. We prefer to spread the numbers of people involved including opposition, go for greater transparency, but accept that more of us get the blame if things go wrong..