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Request to attribute CIL to specific plots

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Request to attribute CIL to specific plots

On a scheme of 60 houses with CIL  payable by 4 installments,  after failing to pay the  first instalment for several months, a major volume housebuilder has requested  that we attribute the first instalment of CIL paid to specific plots in the scheme - by reference to plot numbers - so that searches will show that these specific plots are free from any potential CIL Obligations.  It is all one chargeable development with no phasing for CIl purposes.

We have explained that CIL is linked to commencement and that the situation is little different than large S106 schemes where Obligations remain outstanding  but they are not convinced and claim this is a major issue affecting potential house sales.

My view is that to do so would be contrary to the CIL Regs and an administrative nightmare as the developer would no doubt keep changing their minds  which plots should be attributable to the first payment/ second payment etc.

Has anyone experienced similar.? Has anyone been asked or agreed to link installment payments to specific plots?

Advice appreciated.