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Hello, We had an application for housing for which CIL was liable, payment was by instalments and has been paid in full.  We have now received two separate applications, both for plot substitutions on the site and both which reduce the sqm therefore the CIL charge is a minus charge.  If the plot substitutions are implemented we will owe the applicant a refund on both applications.  Does the applicant have to submit an assumption of liablity notice, and a commencement notice for the relevant plots?  If they don't can we then surcharge them?  We cannot refund the applicant until we are sure that they have implemented the plot substitutions, if they do not have to submit a commencement notice we may not be aware of the completions for a while and we would therefore have to pay interest on the refund.  Anyone else had a situation like this?  Thanks 
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I have not experienced this situation but is this not covered by Regulations 74B and 75?