Annual position statement materials

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Annual position statement materials

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RE: Annual position statement materials

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Hi Richard,


Thanks so much for this and for the useful discussion. I have a few follow up questions- is this the most appropriate place to post them?

1. What are the potential implications of a the APS not being confirmed? We're assuming that you'd have to start work right away to ensure you have a 5YLS but obviously there is no mechanism for re-submitting the APS so presumably it would just highlight to developers that you don't have an adequate 5YLS and put you in a more vulnerable position than if you hadn't proceeded with the APS in the first place?

2. My understanding of the reading of NPPF para 74 is that you need to have a recently adopted plan to apply OR have had an APS confirmed in the previous year to apply. As such this would then mean that if you did get an APS confirmed in the year where you are deemed to be 'recently adopted' then you have missed the opportunity to do it at all. This is supported by the mid Sussex outcome last year- they were two months off the cut off for being recently adopted and so were not able to proceed with their APS. We have a recently adopted plan now but will not next year- am I correct to say that we could apply this year but could only apply next year if our APS is confirmed this year?


Many thanks,