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Updating a Neighbourhood Plan following a Boundary Change.

Emma Tinsley-Evans, modified 3 Years ago.

Updating a Neighbourhood Plan following a Boundary Change.

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We currently have a situation where a Parish Council wants to update/review their 'made' Neighbourhood Plan following a Boundary Commission change to the administrative area of the Parish. The area of the Parish has been extended since the Neighbourhood Plan was originally 'made' and now includes a sizable area outside the original Neighbourhood Plan area boundary.

In their update, the Parish Council is seeking to amend some policies and include some additional policies so they are applicable to the 'new' area of the Parish not covered by the original Neighbourhood Plan.

Consequently, a new Neighbourhood Area to reflect the administrative boundary change has been applied for and designated.

However, as some policies from the original Neighbourhood Plan are still fit for purpose and unlikely to require changing, my question relates to how these policies would be dealt with in any update.

Would the unchanged policies that have previously been found acceptable at Examination also have to be consulted on and examined again, given that they would now also apply to an area not previously included in the original neighbourhood plan / area?

Any thoughts or comments would be gratefully received!