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Cabinet Members on Planning Committees

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Cabinet Members on Planning Committees

I’m a District Councillor with responsibility for Democracy & Transparency at East Devon District Council. The Leader has proposed that three Cabinet Members sit on the quasi-judicial Development Management Committee for the rest of the civic year. The Cabinet Members are the Deputy Leader, Portfolio Holder for Finance and Portfolio Holder for Economy & Assets. None of them have specific responsibility for Development Management.


PAS advise that: “Local planning authorities will usually have a cabinet or executive member responsible for development and planning (sometimes known as the portfolio holder). PAS advise that the leader and portfolio holder of a local authority, who play an important role driving planning policies and proposals, should normally exclude themselves from decision making committees. This is to avoid the perception of a conflict of interests and predisposition.” 


Can I take it that as long as the Cabinet Members declare the relevant interests that there is no problem being members of the Development Management Committee?


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