Use Class Amendments - First Views / Impressions?

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Use Class Amendments - First Views / Impressions?

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We've begun talking to councils to assess the impact of the amended Use Class Order (made 20 July, in force 1st Sept). There are broadly 2 camps:                                          

1) Those actively considering the impact on Policy issues (e.g. Allocations for types of Use, Town Centre Policy predicated on uses, Town Vs Out of Town policy) and Development Management issues (transitional issues, withdrawn applications, income down / work up).

2) Those waiting to consider the impact - until the government makes its policy announcement to consider everything together.

What camp are you in? How do you think it is going to affect:

Plan making? Development management? CIL ? Appeals?  What else?! Thoughts here please...

PS (Thanks Rachel Almond for your post - we've created a new category).

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RE: Use Class Amendments - First Views / Impressions?

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Personal view? The changes are so sweeping with the clear potential for massive social, economic and environmental impacts that they should have been subject to SEA and EqIA, and they're probably unlawful as a consequence....

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RE: Use Class Amendments - First Views / Impressions?

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Given the changes affecting retail in particular, are LPAs continuing to charge CIL on the basis of development proposals still being for 'retail', or are they waiting to amend charging schedules to align use classes accordingly? If the latter, there could be a potentially big chunk of income lost - for us that would be to the tune of £100/sqm for retail