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Telecommunications, prior approvals and 5g masts

Melanie Craven, modified 3 Years ago.

Telecommunications, prior approvals and 5g masts

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Over the past 12-18 months my authority has started to receive an increasing number of applications and prior approvals for the 5g masts. These installations are around 20m tall and have much larger associated street cabinets than those with the previous generation of technology. We are a very future focussed authority and keen to support digital innovation, but some of the placement of equipment is causing issues, which we would like to avoid where possible.


A quick review of other authorities has revealed that most SPDs on the matter are vintage circa 2004-2008 before most of us became reliant on smart phones, so the advice within these seems very outdated.

I am curious about how other authorities are dealing with siting and placement, and whether any authorities have developed formal guidance on these matters, or are perhaps using an informal approach to yield positive results? 

Many thanks in advance, Melanie