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Future Direction of bets now please...

Simon Pickstone, modified 10 Years ago.

Future Direction of bets now please...

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I would like to invite people involved in the CIL to share their thoughts/feelings with me as to the future direction of CIL.

As early adopters of CIL, and those yet to adopt a CIL, scope what steps to take next it is becomming apparent that there is a certain level of uncertaintly over the degree of 'political support' for CIL as a mechanism for securing developer contributions. There is undoubtedly also a reasonable body of information accumulating on the efficiency/effectiveness of CIL as an approach?

As those involved will know, preparing an evidence base/charging schedule is resource intensive. Presumably nobody wants to embark on a commitement of this scale when an election is on the horizon?

Anybody out there able to give a quick synopsis on the level of support across the leading political parties for CIL continuing as the primary mechanism for securing developer contributions?