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GDPR and Self Build Register

Jonathan Pheasant, modified 1 Year ago.

GDPR and Self Build Register

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Just wondering how long you keep personal data about people on the Self Build Register? 

GDPR law requires that you only keep people's personal data as long as required. Given the Self Build Register is a planning register and requirements of the Regulations mean you have to grant relevant development permissions within 3 years, should you be holding personal data after that three year period?

I do not think there is anything in the Regulations on what to do if you have not granted suitable development permissions. It simply says that the requirement is to grant the permissions. There is no required action if you do not?

Given that GDPR is about removing personal data when it is no longer required, I suggest that once the three years have passed from the October they were put on the register, their personal details should be removed. Similarly with any records held such as application forms? This is because the purpose of the register is to identify need and action (grant PPs) within 3 years. After that there is no longer a need to hold the personal data? Is there?

I guess that you could remove all the personal data but leave a record in the Register just so that you know how many people were registered and when?

Are people doing this and if not then how long do you hold this personal data for?






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