Development Plan Policies Map

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Development Plan Policies Map

As Neighbourhood Development Plans form part of the Development Plan when made, do you update your Policies Map every time an NDP is made? One thought we have had is to provide a link to the individual NDPs in the interim before doing a more major update at sensible intervals. Would be good to know how others approach this please?

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RE: Development Plan Policies Map

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We will have a new Policies Map to reflect our new Local Plan. Other documents form part of the Development Plan (including the Neighbourhood Plans and the Minerals/Waste Local Plans) will have their own Policies Maps as they will represent different/unique policies and they all should be used in conjunction with the Local Plan to determine planning applications.

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RE: Development Plan Policies Map

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Hi Rosemary,

We don't update the Local Plan policies map but we attach the Neighbourhood Plan policies map when the plan is Made and provide a link to the Plan inself. Online we provide a list of the Local Plan policy maps with a list of the Neighbourhood Plans highlighting the relevant policies from the Neigbourhood Plans.

Hope that is useful.



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RE: Development Plan Policies Map

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We have recently made several Neighbourhood Plans, and the County have adopted their new Minerals and Waste Plan, and as the regulations say that you have to illustrate geographically policies that are in the adopted development plan - which includes Local Plans and Neighbourhood Plans - we are just wondering how others approach this? Does anyone update their 'paper' Policies Map each time a new document is made/adopted? If not, what do you do instead - interactive map? list like East Staffs?