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Supporting local people to buy locally delivered homes

Calum Davidson, modified 1 Year ago.

Supporting local people to buy locally delivered homes

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We’ve had a query come through from a district council regarding use of planning policy to ensure that only people residing in the local authority area can buy new homes.

They’ve seen lots of people move out of the area due to being priced out and have also seen people buy homes but for the purpose of either holiday lets or use of second homes. This has had a knock on affect on rental prices for local people and also there are communities where few people now live there permanently.

If your local authority has a working policy on this, or if you’re aware of any other councils that have implemented such policies, would be grateful if could signpost me to it. But if it’s not publicly available online, then would welcome any intel you’re able to share as to how this has been achieved at local authority level.

Many thanks. 


B Q, modified 1 Year ago.

RE: Supporting local people to buy locally delivered homes

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Hi Calum

The closest thing I've seen recently that is somewhat related to this is what's happening in Wales, however I'm not sure how far this has progressed



Kirsty Sweeney, modified 1 Year ago.

RE: Supporting local people to buy locally delivered homes

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I would  agree with last comment, lots of research on this coming out of Wales at the moment. Also in Scotland, short-term let control areas are being explored and our authority (National Park) and other National Parks in England such as Lakes have a long history of using local occupancy restrictions for new houses. We have more recently phased them out as following some research we found they did not deliver affordable local housing and housing was for locals that could afford it rather than for everyone. Our new approach is to ensure we support more affordable local housing of all tenures with focus just as much on this as social rent provision. Our housing guidance has set a limit of the size of the property to ensure it is affordable by design and then conditions are used to ensure it is kept as a permanent residence (so can't be used as short-term let or a second home). Unfortunately we have not seen many homes built under this policy yet so not sure if it actually works  and we are looking to do more on supporting delivery.

I would highly recommend reading this piece of research interesting that our National Park were involved in and it looks at the research in Wales and across other practices across authorites from across the country. I felt it pulled alot of things together and is really informative: 

Good luck.