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CIL Exceptional Circumstances Relief

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CIL Exceptional Circumstances Relief

Following implementation of CIL in April 2014 we are faced with our first application for Exceptional Circumstances Relief. 

I am trying to find out if any authorities  have   determined an application for  CIL Exceptional Circumstances Relief. ?  

If so  what was the mechanism - was it determined by officers or members?  If the expectation of CIL to address infrastructure needs was reported at the time the application was determined was this an issue in reaching a decision on Exceptional Circumstances Relief.?

Any feedback appreciated.



Moira White, modified 9 Years ago.

RE: CIL Exceptional Circumstances Relief

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I think you might struggle to find many examples.

When we implemented CIL in July 2013 our members resolved not to make exceptional relief available (Reg 56).

Prior to the implementation we ensured that any applications which were subject to sec106 agreements were determined before the implementation date and for any that have been determined since implementation the sec106 negotiations have taken CIL into account.

Members reiterated their decision not to offer relief under Reg 55 more recently when they also resolved not to grant discretionary social housing relief.