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Electrical Testing

emily rogers, modified 7 Months ago.

Electrical Testing

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Hi there,

Does anyone know what the recommendations are for electrical testing on a holiday park offering hook up, toilets and showers, laundry facilities, mess rooms with fridges, kettles, mini cookers



Ted Slevin, modified 5 Months ago.

RE: Electrical Testing

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They are no different to any other  commercial site

They need a certificate of test and conformity to current at time of testing version of the Electrical regulations signed by a competent and aproved person

A certificate is valid for 5 Years from the date of inspection called

electrical instlation Condition Report (EICR)

This does not mean it must be wired to the latest standard as many aspects of the installation only need to comply with the regulations at the date of installation which could be many yesr ago

This inspection involves electrical test of continuaty and inulation


This certificate should be fully filled in with the test details of all the fixed electrical installation although some installers only produce the first couple of sheets to landlords to preveint them benifiting from a test paid for by the Tenant



Portable electrical equipment should have a in date   test certificate label applied indicating PAT tested in the case of a camp site avaiable to the public this must be less the 12 months old