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Social housing relief - bin/cycle stores

carmel huntley, modified 4 Months ago.

Social housing relief - bin/cycle stores

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I have scheme for 94 new dwellings of which 7 are social housing.  The bin/cycle stores are permanent and enclosed/attached to the building so i'm counting this space as CIL liable.

The agent has just asked if they can include bin/cycle space for the 7 units on their relief claim which seems sensible but how would I even work this out when it is effectively communal space....I'm confused so any help would be much appreciated please?

Thanks, Carmel

Carol Gore, modified 4 Months ago.

RE: Social housing relief - bin/cycle stores

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I would use apportionment to determine their share of communal space across all the apartments. Any communal space in apartments in theoretically available for all the apartments to use, so they should be allocated an equal share of the communal space in my view. I have not had to do this, so cannot show a worked example, as our CIL rate for apatrments for £0 per square meter. So developers are unconcerned about the floorspace and the social housing relief in those instances here. However, just as we apportion demolished in use floorspace across a development (or phase etc) then I think the logical conclusion is to take the same approach for communal areas in apartments.