LG Inform Plus - Natural Neighbourhoods

Created By:  thumbnail Roopal Shah
Last updated: 21 Aug 2023

Natural Neighbourhoods is an LGA-hosted service that provides detailed information and open data on statistical and administrative geospatial areas, including user-defined areas.

Natural Neighbourhoods is a service provided by the LGA’s LG Inform Plus suite of programs. It gives human and machine-readable information on thousands of areas categorised by area type. Area types are administrative, statistical or user defined. Administrative areas include local authorities, wards, parliamentary constituencies, and integrated care board areas. Statistical areas include the lower-level and mid-level super output areas defined by the Office for National Statistics. User defined areas can be set up and maintained by any registered user for any areas in the world.

All areas are published as open data with uniform resource identifiers.

LG Inform Plus reporting tools are configured to report on all areas defined by Natural Neighbourhoods. LG Inform Plus uses the relationships between areas to calculate metric values where they are not made available directly by publishing organisations.

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