The 8th Environmental Action Plan (8EAP) was adopted by Member States and the European Parliament on 10th December 2021 will serve as a guide for environmental and climate policymaking and implementation until 2030.

The Plan adopted on  10th December 2021 has 6 principal objectives: 

  1. swift and predictable reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and, at the same time, enhancement of removals by natural sinks in the Union, to attain the 2030 greenhouse gas emission reduction target as laid down in Regulation (EU) 2021/111917, in line with the Union climate and environment objectives whilst ensuring a just transition that leaves no one behind;
  2. continuous progress in enhancing and mainstreaming adaptive capacity, including on the basis of ecosystem approaches, strengthening resilience and adaptation and reducing vulnerability of the environment and of society as well as all sectors of the economy to climate change, while improving prevention of, and preparedness for weather and climate related disasters;
  3. advancing towards a wellbeing economy that gives back to the planet more than it takes, and accelerating the transition to a non-toxic circular economy, where growth is regenerative, resources are used efficiently and sustainably, and the waste hierarchy is applied;
  4. pursuing zero-pollution, including in relation to harmful chemicals, in order to achieve a toxic-free environment, including for air, water, soil as well as in relation to light and noise pollution, and protecting the health and well-being of people, animals and ecosystems from environment-related risks and negative impacts;
  5. protecting, preserving and restoring marine, terrestrial and inland waters biodiversity inside and outside protected areas by, inter alia, halting and reversing its loss and improving the state of ecosystems and their functions and the services they provide, and the environment, in particular air, water, and soil, as well as combating desertification and soil degradation;
  6. promoting environmental aspects of sustainability and significantly reducing key environmental and climate pressures related to the Union’s production and consumption, in particular in the areas of energy, industry, buildings and infrastructure, mobility, tourism, international trade and the food system.

From a local government perspective , the Plan refers to:-

  • ensuring effective, swift and full implementation of Union legislation and strategies on environment and climate and striving for excellence in environmental performance at Union, national, regional and local levels including through providing sufficient administrative and compliance assurance capacity, as laid out in the regular Environmental Implementation Review, supporting and cooperating with networks of practitioners.....
  • strengthening the integrated approach to policy development and implementation, in particular by......'systematically screening and, where appropriate, assessing synergies and potential trade-offs between environmental, social and economic objectives for all initiatives, so as to ensure that people’s wellbeing, and in particular their needs for a healthy environment, clean air and affordable, accessible and high-quality food, water, energy, housing, green infrastructure and mobility are met in a sustainable way that leaves no-one behind'; 
  • mobilising resources and ensuring sufficient sustainable investments from public and private sources, including of funds and instruments available under the Union budget, via the European Investment Bank and at national level, consistent with the Union's sustainable finance policy agenda;
  • mainstreaming biodiversity action in the Union's policies and contributing to the achievement of the overall ambition of providing 7,5 % of annual spending under the multiannual financial framework 2021-2027 to biodiversity objectives in 2024   and 10 % of that annual spending in 2026 and in 2027

The topic will be an key one for GREEN WEEK 2022 and any potential partner event that why might seek to bid for in the week 30th May - 3rd June 2022.