Advertising and sponsorship

Helping you connect with your target audience


700,000 views per month, 150,000+ members, 2,000+ groups, 500 public sector orgs, 17 client networks


Knowledge Hub members come together to build relationships, share best practice and work collaboratively from across a range of organisation types.



project management, children, young people and families, regulatory services, housing, planning, health and social care, environmental protection and more


Knowledge Hub offers you a unique opportunity to connect with professionals across the public and not for profit sectors.

10% national gov, 45% local gov, 5 % education, 8% non-profit, 5% health, 2% police & fire, 25% other


From small project-based groups to large communities of practice and member networks, Knowledge Hub covers a broad spectrum of themes.



What Knowledge Hub offers you

Advertising and Sponsorship

Helps you to:

  • Raise your brand among Knowledge Hub’s members.

  • Direct people straight to your website or event booking pages.

  • Target those in particular fields e.g. trading standards, planning etc.

What you get:

  • Site-wide advertising banners to draw attention to your brand.

  • An opportunity to sponsor a network or group(s), including your logo and weblink on the network/group home page, plus other promotional opportunities within the network/group.

Arrangements for sponsorship are always done in consultation, and with the approval of, the network/group owner. Network/group membership or sponsored discussions within the group might also be included dependent on the nature and privacy requirements of the network/group.

Sponsored content

Helps you to:

  • Raise your brand among those working in areas you want to target e.g. trading standards, planning etc.

  • Promote events directly within groups of relevant professionals.

  • Be recognised as a thought-leader in your area of expertise.

What you get:

  • Promotion of events and articles across a range of relevant groups.

  • Promotion via our Twitter account (3,500+ followers).

Marketplace store

Helps you to:

  • Drive engagement with your brand through content.

  • Showcase your work and offer advice using case studies and discussions.

  • Gain input and insight into your products and services.

What you get:

  • Your own Knowledge Hub group - or ‘store’ - that acts like a 24/7 event stand, where you can promote your brand and events, discuss issues, upload case studies and connect with clients and partners.

  • Full administrative control over your store, so you can invite contacts, clients and partners to join and work together with them using Knowledge Hub’s digital collaboration tools.

  • Promotion of your store via Twitter and across Knowledge Hub.

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For more information about any or all of the above opportunities, please contact