About the Transformation and Innovation Exchange

Developed by councils for councils, the Transformation and Innovation Exchange brings practical support for councils into one place.   The Transformation and Innovation Exchange is a hub which:

•    brings together a range of resources, guidance, tools and training that councils may find useful about transformation, innovation and efficiency
•    captures and describes the characteristics of effective councils
•    introduces an online self-assessment tool to help councils identify how effective they are currently, and where they would like to get to in 18 months’ time

The self-assessment tool uses, as its basis, the research and learning assembled over the last decade about what makes an effective authority.  Further detail is available in this guide to the Transformation and Innovation Exchange.  The tool invites a response to a number of statements in areas identified as hallmarks of an effective council:

•    role of the authority
•    managing income
•    managing expenditure
•    use of data and intelligence
•    use of digital and technology
•    procurement and commissioning
•    leadership and management
•    organisational approach to change
•    getting the best from staff

We are launching the Exchange as a beta version, and welcome feedback, with the aim of developing it further by the end of the year.  Please send any comments to transparency@local.gov.uk.