The Digital, Data and Technology Playbook

Created By:  Magnus Smidak
Last updated: 03 May 2024

Central government and related organisations guidance and best practice on procuring digital/technology. An in-depth read.

The UK Government's Digital, Data and Technology Playbook, offers comprehensive guidance for sourcing and procuring digital, data, and technology projects within the public sector. It aims to transform public services by adopting a strategic, outcome-based approach to digital transformation, ensuring value for money and fostering innovation. Key themes include enhancing cybersecurity, promoting sustainability, and encouraging the participation of SMEs to ensure a competitive market. The playbook outlines some policy reforms, emphasising the importance of agile delivery, AI and Machine Learning, and managing cyber risks. It serves as a blueprint for central government departments and related bodies to navigate the complexities of digital procurement, with a strong emphasis on collaboration between government and industry to achieve optimal results for citizens.

Category: Characteristics » Use of data and intelligence Data maturity Data maturity » Leadership and strategy Data maturity » Systems and tools Data maturity » Governance and compliance