Data Talks - Past, Present and Future Skills

Created By:  Magnus Smidak
Last updated: 03 May 2024

A session on the how the University of Essex has invested in data science education and research. Highlights the powerful relationship that the authority, university and the wider data community can have together.

University of Essex highlighted the university's longstanding leadership in data science and AI, emphasizing collaborative efforts with public sector partners like Essex County Council and Essex Police. This partnership, through the Essex Centre for Data Analytics (eCDA), tackles complex societal issues. Forster outlined Essex's dedication to research excellence and educational innovation, aiming to prepare students for the data-driven future.

IADS, discussed the institute's multidisciplinary approach to addressing major data science challenges, focusing on the importance of trustworthiness and ethical considerations in technology's societal impact.

University of  Essex discussed their training programs in data analysis, emphasizing their adaptation to meet the evolving needs of data science professionals, including public sector-focused training to equip them with essential technical and soft skills for contemporary data analytics challenges.

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