Data Talks - Case for Change - Maximising Data Assets from strategy to implementation

Created By:  Magnus Smidak
Last updated: 15 May 2024

Hosted by the Essex Centre for Data Analytics (ECDA), aimed at discussing the potential and application of data and analytics within the public sector. Key speakers highlighted the transformative power of data in improving public services, the necessity of data literacy, and the impact of a positive data culture across organizations.

Essex County Council's journey emphasizes strategic alignment, leveraging cloud-based platforms for data management, fostering a data-literate culture, and the significance of leadership support in embedding data analytics within the organization. Success stories and challenges are shared, including the development of a modern data infrastructure and the benefits realized from various data-driven projects.

The Essex County Fire and Rescue Service's narrative focuses on overcoming initial data management challenges, the pivotal role of strategic recruitment in building a capable data team, and the deployment of Power BI for accessible and updated dashboards. Their experience underscores the value of starting small, securing buy-in through demonstrating tangible benefits, and the necessity of fostering a culture where data informs strategy and operations.

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