Data Talks - Embrace the Era of Data Literacy

Created By:  Magnus Smidak
Last updated: 15 May 2024

This session focused on the critical importance of data literacy in enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency within public services. It included discussions on the definition and components of data literacy, methods for assessing data literacy levels, and strategies for cultivating a data-literate workforce. 

The event underscored the need for public service professionals to be adept at reading, working with, reasoning about, and communicating data. It highlighted various strategies and resources available for individuals and organizations to enhance their data literacy. The discussions were anchored around creating a culture that values data-driven decision-making, with an emphasis on practical steps to assess current literacy levels, identify gaps, and implement targeted training programs. The use of personas to tailor learning to different roles within an organization was discussed, alongside the importance of leadership buy-in and creating opportunities for applying data literacy skills. The event also showcased the collaboration between Essex County Council and the Office for National Statistics in delivering data literacy training, emphasizing the role of continuous learning and community engagement in achieving organizational goals through data.

Category: Characteristics » Use of data and intelligence Data maturity Data maturity » Culture and structure Data maturity » Leadership and strategy Data maturity » Skills and capability