Data Talks - Collaborative Communities Insight Informing the Night Time Economy in Colchester

Created By:  Magnus Smidak
Last updated: 15 May 2024
Case study

A detailed case study that explores the impact of a community-based intervention and how data can be used to measure the impact.

El Assi detailed the challenges posed by "wicked problems" in the nighttime economy, such as alcohol-related incidents, which strain emergency and police services. The SOS Bus, operated by Open Road, offers an innovative solution by providing immediate care to individuals, thus reducing the demand on police and healthcare services.

Through a comprehensive analysis involving data from Essex Police and the SOS Bus, El Assi demonstrated substantial cost savings for the police, underscoring the initiative's role in enhancing public safety and operational efficiency. The collaboration between the Business and Local Government Research Center and Open Road enabled a data-driven evaluation of the SOS Bus's impact, advocating for the expansion of community-based safety initiatives and the importance of data sharing for evidence-based policy making.

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