Data Talks - Growing Capabilities and Careers in Data Science

Created By:  Magnus Smidak
Last updated: 15 May 2024

The discussion covers the importance of building capabilities, professional development within organizations, and the evolving landscape of data science careers.

The Data Leaders Forum, which is made up of participants from multiple authorities and universities, share insights into the necessity of fostering professional growth and addressing recruitment and retention challenges in the data science domain. The session is divided into three segments, starting with an overview of the Data Leaders Forum's role in promoting knowledge exchange and professional growth in data analytics. Following this, a detailed exposition on the progression of data science careers, key skills, and capabilities essential for future growth is presented by a professor from the University of Essex. The session concludes with practical examples of overcoming challenges in the public sector, emphasizing a holistic approach to professional development, from recruitment to continuous learning. This comprehensive discussion not only highlights the forum’s initiative in bridging gaps between data leaders across various sectors but also delves into strategies for nurturing talent and enhancing the analytical workforce to meet future demands effectively. 

Category: Characteristics » Use of data and intelligence Data maturity Data maturity » Culture and structure Data maturity » Leadership and strategy Data maturity » Skills and capability